Holiday dreams
2013-08-03 @ 22:41:28
Almost half of my holiday is already gone - most of the exciting part at least, I sadly have to say. Well, apart from one visit, I'm still waiting for ;)

But a weekend out with great people is gone, two weeks on a sailing boat, every day in a different place - gone, a week with my family in a forgotten but beautiful part of Poland, full of lakes and forests - gone with the wind. And now I can devote my time, while waiting for my A-level results, to economic history, maybe I can do some writing in the meantime. I have to say that I should have already written loads, considering the amount of things that happened in my life recently - all the people I've met, all the people I care about, all the places I visited (just now an idea came to my mind - all I need is some time...) and all the lonely walks in the harbours we visited on the cruise. I wish I could share that time with one person that currently is silent. Not answering my messages or texts and all I can do is ask myself "why"? Is that the lack of time or maybe that one night really destroyed all we built while being far far away from each other - but still constantly in touch. I hope not. I need to give us both some time. Time is always the solution.

Should be at least.
"Singing in the rain"...
2013-02-16 @ 22:57:40
I haven't been here for a while and it looks like many things need updating ;) But that needs a fair bit of time; I promise one day I'll do it.

But now I want to share the results of my singing passion that I dared to develop while being in UK, iterally singing in the rain :) - a recent cover of a famous Whitney Houston's song "I will always love you"
Hope you'll enjoy it just as I did while performing ;)

2011-12-05 @ 21:29:05
I haven't been to here for such a long time. And there's so many things to describe... let me do it, I promise You to cut the long story short.

Could you imagine a big scene in music school, full audience and on the stage me and my band, playing "Knocking on heavens door" by Gn'R... apart from some mistakes we did, that was awesome. And the guy, I sung this song with (we turned it into a duet) has an incedrible voice. I felt like if my dreams finally came true.

Last weekend - Vienna. Well, it was supposed to be an nice school trip to Christmas Fair in winter atmosphere and finally it was nice but rainy and cold.
It was said, that it doesn't matter where you go but who goes with you. I completely agree with it. My team was so great and crazy that I hadn't even time to think about the cold and rain.
The city centre is beautiful. I can imagine all this decorations and lights at the evening... marvellous.

On friday I performed "Rolling in the deep" (orginally Adele) at school concert and that was the first time that people in my high school listened to me singing and... liked it. After it boys from another school band came and asked if I would like to sing with them. After todays rehersal all I can say is: THAT WAS AMAZING. Two bands - well, I'll manage ;)

Christmas is coming - christmas tree stays in front of the entrance in my high school for a week. Can't believe it. We have 5th od December!

Any plans or christmas-gifts ideas?
Speak up your mind ;)
Dream on
2011-10-31 @ 17:19:37
Now I see my biggest mistake. I attach to people, care too much about them and than suffer.
I can't blame them, because it's only my fault. They are... themselves. Rude or boorish. If I wouldn't let them hurt me, they won't. But I always believe that people are good.

And I'm always wrong.
There where I should be
2011-10-03 @ 11:55:30
I spent a lot of time on thinking. It's not love. Just a nice relationship. Maybe someday it will grow, maybe we will become friends. But there's time for everything.
Recently I had my first performance this school year, two duets with my friend. We did our best.

I agree with You, Akijorka but there's something I always had percieved differently - you wrote that at the bottom relationships are destructed and that what was between two people disappear. I always thought that only when both of them are at the bottom, there can appear real friendship or love. But that's juts my opinion, based on my experience. But each case is different. There isn't a general formula You can follow.

Just tell me, why, the hell, do I love it so much?! ;)

Again at home, sick. As almost always ;)
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