Ladies and Gentelmens...
2011-02-19 @ 19:19:55
Ladies and Gentelmens, I'm gonna introduce You the Queen of Broadway - Lea Salonga!
Have you ever seen Mulan (in orginal?) If you did, you must know the song "Reflection" - that's her voice. Do you remember Susan Boyle and "I dreamed a dream"? Susans voice sounds terribly when we compare it to Leas - listen on your own.(anyhow I admire Susan for singing this way she dos as an amatour)

Lea Salonga - I dreamed a dream

She played in many Broadway productions... but it doesn't matter ;) Every song she sings sounds excellent... I can almost feel her pain... well, feel it on your own :)
One more - my favourite, "On my own"

Lea Salonga - On my own
Les Miserables
2011-02-17 @ 18:49:39

Is it possible to fall in love with a... musical? Even if not - I'm the exception. Almost three months ago I've seen this musical in theatre Roma, in Warsaw. I cried. Sitting a few meters from the scene and watching the performance, listening to the people and feeling like I almost can see their soul... They were doing this with such passion... I dream to be able to sing this way in future. And now I'm waitning for the CD with the "soundtrack" ;), listening to the english versions and singing them on my own. Well, "On my own" is one of my favourite songs :)
I'm also decide to read the book, Les Miserables. I have no words to describe it.

Winter break passes... next week skiing ;)
Always look on the bright side of life - winter break! :)
2011-02-11 @ 19:38:36
I'm so glad, that my winter break actually had started. This week had gone so fast and now - one week of relaxing and... learning history for the last level of the history competition. I've planned to go to school meet with my teacher and practise on Wendesday and than go to cinema with friends to watch "Jak zostać królem" (I don't translate the title, well maybe because, I don't know the orginal one ;). So I'll kill two birds with one stone this day!
Than I'm going to mountains skiing and after the break... white school! Almost the whole class (my friend also, that will be great) and next week without school. Excellent, isn't it?
But on the other side... after three weeks back to school ;)

Take care!
Nothing's gonna stop us!
2011-02-08 @ 16:29:55

That's a piece of one of my favourite songs - "Nothing's gonna stop us" (singing Starship) - and it completely ilustrates my mood - well, life is beautiful, isn't it? ;)

Maybe sometimes I can't see it, just the dark side, but... after all I always understand how blind I've been. Every second values, so don't be sad, don't let sorrow into your life, promise me! :)

Do you know BB King? I guess not - listen to "Lucille" and many other. Great man, great bluesman. Listen and see why he was called "King of Blues"

And never forget - always look on the bright side of life ;) My winter holidays are coming, next week...
See you!
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