Holiday dreams
2013-08-03 @ 22:41:28
Almost half of my holiday is already gone - most of the exciting part at least, I sadly have to say. Well, apart from one visit, I'm still waiting for ;)

But a weekend out with great people is gone, two weeks on a sailing boat, every day in a different place - gone, a week with my family in a forgotten but beautiful part of Poland, full of lakes and forests - gone with the wind. And now I can devote my time, while waiting for my A-level results, to economic history, maybe I can do some writing in the meantime. I have to say that I should have already written loads, considering the amount of things that happened in my life recently - all the people I've met, all the people I care about, all the places I visited (just now an idea came to my mind - all I need is some time...) and all the lonely walks in the harbours we visited on the cruise. I wish I could share that time with one person that currently is silent. Not answering my messages or texts and all I can do is ask myself "why"? Is that the lack of time or maybe that one night really destroyed all we built while being far far away from each other - but still constantly in touch. I hope not. I need to give us both some time. Time is always the solution.

Should be at least.
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