Show must go on
2011-04-30 @ 11:57:39
A few friends who wanted do something cool. Story based on the biggest musicals ever: "RENT", "Hair" and "American in Paris". Songs like "I dreamed a dream", "Seasons of love", "Money, money", "Somebody to love" and "Take me or leave me". A month to bring this dream to reality and a lot of hope.

I've always dreamed to play in a musical. But until I'll be able to take part in a performance on Broadway, I have to find another way to do it :) One conversation with two othet girls and a guy and as a result we're gonna draw up a play ;) Not only us, I askes some of my other friends and now we've enough people to do it.
There's gonna be a lot of work. But I believe we'll do it. Keep fingers crossed and... maybe You'll see the results :)

Last time I wrote about spring and now... it looks like summer is coming :)
Let the sun shine in! ;)
2011-04-10 @ 12:23:51
Small moments.
That's hard: find beauty in every little thing.

Strong wind, cold air and rain and I have to come back after school. I can think: it couldn't be worse. But I also can imagine how nice and pleasant it would be when the sun will appear. Sun wouldn't bring me any pleasure if I wouldn't know how it feels when it's cold.

People are really complicated creatures, aren't they? ;) When it's cold, they want the weather to be better, warmer. And when it's hot, they swear that the sun shouldn't be that bright.
It's almost impossible to satisfy them.

There's just one advice: always look on the bright side of life.
How would You appreciate the time You spent with friends, the calm, everyday routine without going through cry and suffer?

And write You're thoughts.
Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible
2011-04-04 @ 20:45:11
Well, I would like to think
The world hasn't seen
That all the best is still to come,
And I know life ain't easy.

- The Calling "We are forgiven"

That's what give our life sense - hope. Today someone had hurt me. I may be sad, I may cry. But I always have hope that tomorrow will be better - maybe I'll meet someone who will stay with me till the worlds end? Or maybe just smile and take all sorrow away.

We're just humans. We need other people. We need something to believe in, to believe that we matter for the world. Think about the universe, the whole history, all fallen empires, all wars and died people - we have to believe in something. Because without it, I feel just like a sand grain on a desert.

So we laugh, and we smile
and we play our games of sweet denial
But don't tell me we're forgiven
If we hold, all our breath
If we kneel right down and just repent Y
ou can't tell me we're forgiven

I don't want to be forgiven by the world. I don't want to be just a sand grain. I need hope, even more than people. I believe in God. And I believe in people.

My faith is blind and true.
We're not sand grains. And it's not a desert.

That's what I believe in.,be0f709a44531446/parasolki.jpg
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