"Paradise lost"
2011-05-30 @ 18:20:19
Over a year of looking for one book and asking for it in every bookstore I could find. And finally - found! "Paradise lost" is lying next to me. I suppose that this night will be sleepless :)

http://thetvchick.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/GLEE-New-York-2-653x376.jpgThis weekend I have finished the second season of "Glee". I promise thar some day I'm gonna describe and review it, now I will tell You only that it is really good. First serie, I've seen, which isn't about the cool guys who rule the school. "Glee" tells about things impotrant for all of us and (what a suprise!) isn't naive. It is exagerrated but that's exactly what it supposed to be. If you sit in front of the screen and agree for playing on their rules You will have a lot of fun :)

And of course the incedrible music!

Chris Colfer (playing Kurt) - "Blackbird" (orginally The Beatles but isn't this version better than orginal one?)

I'm looking for volunteering for holidays. I want to do something good for the world!
Take care!
„If I worried about what stupid people think, I wouldn't have time for what intelligent people think.”
2011-05-22 @ 13:07:11
Yes, they are great. Our mountains. But with every next peak I have to remember they are becoming more and more irritating and annoying for me. Why, the hell, do I have to learn this!? Well, sorry. I had to do this.

And now, from the very other side: the thought, the topic of this note. I didn't put it here without a reason. It comes from "Oscar and the Lady in Pink", book written by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.
Why about this?
Oscar - small terminally ill boy, meets in hospital an old Lady. She take care of him and give him an advice - everyday he should write a letter to God, describing his day and thoughts. But it wouldn't be an ordinary letter - Oscar will live every day like it is ten years.
This book really moved me. Real masterpiece.

Now I'm redading abother his book - "Dreamer from Ostenda". Also a great one :)

My dinner is waitning, so I have to go.
Last days (apart form the rain), the weather is getting more and more summer-like, isn't it? ;)

No day but today
2011-05-16 @ 19:19:47
You know ehat I had found? Book crossing! Last time I was with my friend on coffee, we discovered a new cafe, where insisde was a shelf (well, rather a bookcase) filled with books - new, old, various ones. Tke coffee was great and all I remembered from the instruction on the bookcase was name of the website - www.bookcrossing.pl. I checked and... cool thing. I'm not gonna explain what it is all about, everyone can lokk on his own. Al I'm gonna say is thar for me, staunch reader it is like piece of heaven :)

We're not gonna do the musical. I'm upset, but I won't give up. Anyhow I will sing something on the end of the schoolyear - well, I wouldn't be the same but... if you don't have what you would like to, you should like what you have.

I'm listening to this beautiful song... I imagine ang relax. Nice, calm.

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