"Cinema Italiano"
2011-06-26 @ 16:18:36
Hi everyone!
Today a short review of a film, I've seen lately - "Nine" ;)
As I said hundred times, I love musicals. And as a musical this film... well, it isn't perfect. Half of the songs they were in, I even don't remember (and it's not because of my lack of memory ;) ) But I'm not gonna say it's bad, because it fascinated me. The atmosphere, mistery scenography, great screen shots and plenty of beautiful women that fulfill this movie - Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Fergie and Judy Dench.

The plot is rather uncomplicated and predictable. A movie director (Daniel Day-Lewis) lost his inspiration and starts searching for it between women that were in his life.
Anyhow, I reccomend You this movie, at least for perfect Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard and great songs "Take it all", "Be Italian' and "Cinema Italiano"

Take care ;)
Summer holidays :)
2011-06-25 @ 19:23:09
Hello to all of You after such long time :)
Perfect first week of summer holidays - I'm sick! But that's quite normal, we're talking about me :) Honestly, I admit: I totally wasted this time - I've watched "Nine" and "A very Potter Musical" on YouTube, a lot of Chris Colfer intervievs, I've read next Terry Pratchett's book, "Witches abroad" and I've listened to some music. Nothing that can make me being closer to all my dreams and plans for future. I know, that's holidays... but it doesn't mean that I have to hang around all days. Enough - now it's time to move my ass and do something.

Remind all people You've met on holidays years ago - where they are? Sometime it's good that this relation ship lasted such short time - I wouldn't be able to resist this person for longer. And sometime I regret that we hadn't more time, because the friendship might be beautiful... but that's the magic of holiday's meetings. Perfect two weeks and than a year when a special place for this person in Your heart is empty. But than next holidays come and... everything begin again :)
One week and sailing camp - I can't wait!

http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_leix3i7ED01qe0od1o1_400.jpg To be honest - he sings better than me with my soprano :)
Just a moment
2011-06-02 @ 19:46:37
Gallery of contemporary art, Opole.
This time the exhibition was really good - Kosałka and Niklewicz, sometimes funny, sometimes suprising or reflexive. I was standing in front of the wall covered by big sheets of paper with design in two kind of small things. Title "Kołbuck battle" It was great. When I got the point, I smiled to myself, looked around and noticed a man standing next to me, doing exactly the same. I haven't seen him before and probably never will but this one moment, when we both got the point in the same second and smiled was great.
Two totally accidental people and this moment. Perfect. The destiny is perfect.
That's kind of an answer for Akijorka's note "A part of me will always be with you". Well, not direct but... I reminded myself this situation while reading and I wanted to share it :)

I have to do it.
This photo is perfect.
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