Christmas and... false friend?
2009-12-22 @ 21:06:54
Christmas are coming, so I wish you all the best :) Merry Christmas everyone :)

Today In my school we had class Christmas Eve. We had a draw and everyone had to make a gift to somebody. I bought a book to a boy, who I pulled.

There's a girl in my class, which I don't like. Year ago we were friends, I helped her many times in homeworks, we were meeting etc. but than (I don't know why) she told me many ugly things and read my SMS-s (without my permission evidently!) and told all to girls from my class. Since that, we were ignoring ourselves. But today we have Christmas and I decided to not be angry and when we were submitting requests for wafer I went to her adg tolg her the wishes. And she was nice! And than she hug me, like a normal friend not person who told me that I'm the ugliest person in our class. I don't wanted to change my opinion about her but I don't know what should I think about it.

So long note... so it's time to end, again Mmerry, Happy Christmas!!!
My friend's birthday and weekend
2009-12-12 @ 11:04:19
Yesterday my friend has birthday and she invited all girls from our class to Coffee Heaven after school. We were talking, chattering and laughing and there was very nice. And the coffee was excellent :)
This weekend I decided to learn because this week I have four tests - massacre! And next week Christmas! ;)
Have you ever seen "Bridget Jones Diary"? I love this movie - it's so stupid and also so funny :) I could watch this film hundred times adn I never get bored!
Guitar and me :)
2009-12-03 @ 20:14:10
I have been playing acoustic guitar for maybe three weeks and I think it's fantastic! Now I can play only a few chords and "wlazł kotek na płotek" but it doasn't matter :)I'm practicing everyday and I hope, after some time I would play like Jimi Hendrix :P
If love for first sight exist, then there also is love for first... hmmm... listening? Example: "Knocking to heaven's door" Guns N' roses - I felt in love when I first listen to that :) Really!

Waitning for Christmast and school, school, school...
2009-12-02 @ 17:15:17
Someone in my class has an idea - make a class St.Claus - each one draw lots of someone else and have to buy him a gift. I must buy a gift to Łukasz and I really don't know what! Please, help - he love learning and is reading to National Geographic (me too, but it doasn't make any difference).
Tomorrow we have Christmast competition. A headmaster decided that it will be races of raws. Very... intelligent :) But on the other side - better that than lessons ;)
Here I give the link to a very beautiful song by Lea Salonga, which I'm listening to now :)

The beginning she is talking about the musical "Jekyll & Hyde" from which come that song but than she starts singing - cool voice!
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