Everything is possible. Impossible just takes longer.
2011-07-21 @ 12:56:18
I'm really trying to believe in this.

It's one week since I came back from the sailing camp. It was great but... after last years I've expected something different. Maybe it's just because the crew was young and we couldn't always understand ourselves. But there were also moments that were worth all this unpleasant situations, when we all were laughing and talking honestly to each other.

I'm never gonna forget all this magical moments when we were sitting next to the fire, I was playing guitar and we were singing... melodies played by my friends like "Baby I'm gonna leave you" and "Lonely day" when no one knew more than first verse and chorus.
I was there to experience that moments. Now a year of waitning for the next time when we're gonna meet on Mazury again...

"Now it all seems funny, kinda like a dream..."
2011-07-01 @ 09:58:49

Tomorow - sailing camp, I've been waitning for so long! Only the weather could be better, but... anyhow, it would be brilliant!
So I wish all of You perfect holidays, that You will remember forever. Take care and have a great time! ;)

Great song. I think I'm falling in love with it ;)
I'll be back in two weeks.
Cheers ;)
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