We wish You a... happy shopping!
2008-12-22 @ 21:58:45
Christmast are coming - I've the gifts ready to give them under the christmast tree. But I don't know what mean for us Christmast - waitning for Chrystus or a big shopping? Now in shops are rally huge queues and a lot of people.
We should think about that: what Christmast mean and are for us!
And at the end a link to one of my favourite songs - My Immortal

See you soon and let's write what do you think about it!
My first note and something about me!
2008-12-20 @ 22:22:15
My name is Joanna and I love reading books. Not only reading - evidently I love writing poems and my own book. My favourite kind of books is fantasy books, the most "Dragonflight", "Chronicles of Narnia", "Eragon", "Trylogia Czarnego Maga" and... "Dracula" :)
My favourite sport is basketball. What more, I really like singing.
I like rock, pop and some metal songs which are on my friend's MP3 :)

When You want, You can look at my Polish blog -

This is my first note on this blog and I think, that it will be interesting. My English is good but no perfect but in my opinion you will understand it ;)
Kisses and see you again! ;)
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