"Believe" after concert :)
2009-03-27 @ 19:02:41
Today morning I was very stressed, but now I'm proud and happy - the concert was really brilliant! We were singing only one song - "The Gift", but that is better than nothing :)Unfortunately the piano was too quiet but it can't break my joy! :)
The charity concert was in our school and the money which we collected we gave to the dog cottage. I'm proud, because I could help!
"Believe" evidently weren't the only group which were playing there. There were, I think more than 6, and some of them were singing really a lot of great songs.
The next concert will be next friday on the competition of irish song (in our school too :) ). I don't know what "The Gift" has common with Irland but the organisers saw that they want us to sing there and we agree.
So see you again and thank you Kitty, Sylvier and Dzula for suppoprt :)
My fisrt concert!
2009-03-25 @ 19:40:15
On Friday "Believe" will have its first concert! My friend will play piano and I will sing our song "The Gift" and maybe "Alone" but I don't know it very well yet.
I can't waitning, I'm very happy and also stressed...
After the concert I'll write here about the results. :)
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