Dream on
2011-10-31 @ 17:19:37
Now I see my biggest mistake. I attach to people, care too much about them and than suffer.
I can't blame them, because it's only my fault. They are... themselves. Rude or boorish. If I wouldn't let them hurt me, they won't. But I always believe that people are good.

And I'm always wrong.
There where I should be
2011-10-03 @ 11:55:30
I spent a lot of time on thinking. It's not love. Just a nice relationship. Maybe someday it will grow, maybe we will become friends. But there's time for everything.
Recently I had my first performance this school year, two duets with my friend. We did our best.

I agree with You, Akijorka but there's something I always had percieved differently - you wrote that at the bottom relationships are destructed and that what was between two people disappear. I always thought that only when both of them are at the bottom, there can appear real friendship or love. But that's juts my opinion, based on my experience. But each case is different. There isn't a general formula You can follow.

Just tell me, why, the hell, do I love it so much?! ;)

Again at home, sick. As almost always ;)
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