Smoke on the water
2011-09-25 @ 13:49:50
Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't written for such a long time. School, friends or... rehersals. Yes, yes, I've got my own band :) I've been dreaming about being in a band and recently I decided: why am I waitning. I should just create one. I asked my new friends and now we have two guitars, drums and keyboard. Plus my vocal ;)

Tomorrow the third rehersal, I'm gonna play "Smoke on the water" on drums. Does it matter, that I haven't ever done it? The whole weekend I've been practising with my friends drumsticks... we'll see how it's gonna be :)

Lueka, I promised You to describe my first days in new school. So... I feel like living in a dream. Apart from the fact, that there's plenty things I have to learn and enormous number of subjects, I've got friends around me, my own band and this Thursday I'm going to sing a duet on a school ceremony with my best friend.
Of course, there are annoying situations and people, like everywhere. But... I finally feel that I'm in a right place with right people.

And I feel like I'm falling in love...

Take care ;)
Les parapluies de Cherbourg
2011-09-10 @ 12:53:49
I promised - and I'm gonna keep it. But before... "give me time. Just give me time"

I'm sick, as almost always. One day without school, it hadn't brought me back to life of course, but now I feel quite better.
There's so many things to do. People to build a relationship with, but... I have no aclarity. All I need now is go to bed and sleep. I wish that when I'm gonna wake up, all unpleasure feelings and this bad mood will vanish. And I'm gonna smile, full of happiness.

Dreams. Only dreams, nothing else.

School, my profile (advanced biology, maths, chemistry and english) is really challenging and takes a lot of time (almost everyday I'm back at home at 17-18.30), but people and the fact that I have really good teachers makes it exaltly what I wanted to.

In the background - "Music and the screen", old CD I found between other old CD's. Symphonic music, I could sit here and listen forever.
Take care, everybody. Relax
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