People are changing , the all world is changing...
2013-01-22 @ 17:14:44
You know that moment when you are sitting at your sofa and thinking about everything ?This is my moment to think. I notice that everything has been changed...This world come down ..I mean teenagers are going to be worst , they like to all night partys , of cours with a lot of alcohol or weed to get high . But they didnt understand that they ruine themselves lives ...if they partys a lot they 've got worst marks on the school , if the get drunk harder than them fathers ...they can loose themselves , they can loose them mind ...Of course weed ,how many people thinks, is better than alcohol because we can not be agressive after used it. Maybe not , but it have got a bad site too , I mean you going for example to kitchen and you have no idea why you come think it is normal?No it isn't at all,it is because of that.I dont know sometimes I cant understand this all world and all people ...But I schould to focust on myself ..I mean how it is possible that for normal ,kind girl without any of additions I become on... me...
Hi!!:)This is my song:)
2011-11-11 @ 15:41:40
Hi !!
I'm so sorry for that big break of my adding post , but You know..I'm so busy right now...What is changing in my life?So ..I'm in the first class in high school and there is so hard;/ You can trust me.. My marks never be that bad...but I'm try to fix it :)In my free time I like write song's but theese is really cheap songs:P I mean they aren't good ..I know it...but I like it:P:)
So you can there read one of my really big collection of my songs..Here you are:


If I could change my life;
and go back in time ,
I would change a lot of parts of my life.
Now I think , Now I know
What I am doing , What I did wrong
I know what I should change
But I'm so scared!

Everything is gone , everything is broken
I'm not strong I just feel so wrong.
I should do something , I should say something
But I have no idea what....

I was dumb , I was stupid
I know it is right but I think I can see the light...
I can see the bright I think it will be gr8 (?)
Maybe you will give me a second chance
MAybe the future will be better
I want to change my bad decisions
and turn them around
I think it is possible, then everything will be all right
Hello , Hello , Hello :) Let's talk about polish film :)
2011-01-29 @ 21:26:59
Hi ,
I know I visit this website many moons ago :P but I am back :) Honestly I was forgot about this and of course I don't have much time:( I'm really busy in this year cause I must studing really hard ,because I have 16 years old and in April I have got exam which finiish my secondary school. However
now we talking about film ... polish film :)
What do you think about polish film , they're similar to english ? You know who is Cezary Pazura - this is an actor - polish actor and for few monts he is film director too . He created film "Weekend" . Have you seen that?What do you think about it?I don't see that but I want to watch it , in next week I probably go to cinema with friends in this.You think it is good film??Tell me something about it .
What kind music you like? What is your favorite song?
2010-08-23 @ 20:17:47
So, What songs you like the most? I like this songs(and another ofcourse but now I send you only this :) )

Ok,Thats enough:)
Send me your favorite songs:)!
New big logo at my site:)
2010-08-21 @ 22:33:04
So , now we talk about this logo:) Why I have in big logo Dr.House'a with him team ?Answer is very simple:) Because I very like him(and him team too) What I like in him the most? I don't know ,but I think it will be him character:) His character isn't simple.. He looks like don't like people and he don't care about future people.But we(him fan ,actually series which he play)know that's only externals!In him team I most like Cameron,because she 've got wreally complicated life.

So,and you like Dr. House?
And I 've got second question,but only for girl(but if men wreally wonna aswer:) ) Do you like House ..but I mean Does he is attractive?:D

Thanks for reading me^^ , and ofcourse sorry for my language:)) ^^
Talk about one of the best star and rapper in music history!
2010-08-20 @ 21:42:41
So ,that's my second post :)

And this time I write about one of the best star and rapper in music hostory!I wreally like Eminem and I'm him wreally big fan! In my opinion (ofcourse )Eminem is the best!:)Let's talk about him when he was a child and about him creativeness. Him life wasn't perfect.He and him mother don't 've got wreally great relation.In all his life ,he love most only one person - him onkel Ronnie.When he(Ronnie) die(he die probably because him girfriend break up with him)Eminem lose yourself , he was wreally quiet person, but he still love rap and he wan't do something with him talent.In 1999 Eminem record his first album "My name is".White rapper-it was wreally big sensation in all world!And he record album all the time , last at 2010 year:) In him young creativeness I love song "Stan" (and another songs too :) ) because it is wreally sad and instruct song! In new album Eminem'a I love song "Not afraid " and "Love the way you lie" feat Riri(Rihanna)! And You like Eminem? What song (in your opinion) is the best??

Ps. I wreally sorry from my very bad language , but this was very difficult for me (write about star which I wreally like)

Thanks for reading me!Bye ^^
My first step!Welcome:)
2010-08-19 @ 23:25:34
Hi! Welcome at my blog!!
This is my first step in this kind sites, so I don't know what I should say :P
I think I should say something more about
My name is Ewelina.I from Poland and I live in Olsztyn.I like a lot English ,but my grammar and structure of sentence is bad. I have 15/16 years old , so soon I must think about future.Exactly about my work ,and I think I will be a techear from English language.But I know I must wreally hard working , because learning people isn't easy , and ofcourse my English must be better !:D Hmm What more about me? I don't know :D I like have fun and I hate Justin Bieber :D:D And I hope so You will like me :D:D Ok, That all ! bye ^^
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