Hi!!:)This is my song:)
2011-11-11 @ 15:41:40
Hi !!
I'm so sorry for that big break of my adding post , but You know..I'm so busy right now...What is changing in my life?So ..I'm in the first class in high school and there is so hard;/ You can trust me.. My marks never be that bad...but I'm try to fix it :)In my free time I like write song's but theese is really cheap songs:P I mean they aren't good ..I know it...but I like it:P:)
So you can there read one of my really big collection of my songs..Here you are:


If I could change my life;
and go back in time ,
I would change a lot of parts of my life.
Now I think , Now I know
What I am doing , What I did wrong
I know what I should change
But I'm so scared!

Everything is gone , everything is broken
I'm not strong I just feel so wrong.
I should do something , I should say something
But I have no idea what....

I was dumb , I was stupid
I know it is right but I think I can see the light...
I can see the bright I think it will be gr8 (?)
Maybe you will give me a second chance
MAybe the future will be better
I want to change my bad decisions
and turn them around
I think it is possible, then everything will be all right

You're right... it is not high-art. I was trying to write but that was pathetic creation. If you like it, you should do it. This text include your emotions, maybe it is very good therapy for you? Every way is right.

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