What kind music you like? What is your favorite song?
2010-08-23 @ 20:17:47
So, What songs you like the most? I like this songs(and another ofcourse but now I send you only this :) )

Ok,Thats enough:)
Send me your favorite songs:)!

I don't like this kind of music - but that depends on what you like ;) I prefer rock (for example "Patience", "Don't cry" Guns N Roses) and jazz ("Too young" Nat King Cole, "Perharps" Doris Day) and I love watching old musicals - like "Tea for two", "Raining Song" or "American in Paris". That's great! ;)
Thx, for welcome me at the blog :) I hope that your trip will be great too :)
About the music, I like different kind of music, but in the last time I'm in loved with song Rihanna and Eminem (normally I don't listening them). What else? I love Kings of Leon, Archive, Grubson, Gentelman and many, many others :)

Do you really like music? If YES you must go on Woodstock in next year. I was in last year and this year and was great there. In this year star was Papa Roach - The best songs are example: "Forever" and "Scars". I like this type music and I was young I listend all the time G'n'R - They are number 1
Ja też mam trochę problemu z tymi słówkami, ale jakoś trzeba sobie dać radę, tobie idzie b.dobrze ;)
cieszę się, że mnie odwiedziłaś :)

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