Hello , Hello , Hello :) Let's talk about polish film :)
2011-01-29 @ 21:26:59
Hi ,
I know I visit this website many moons ago :P but I am back :) Honestly I was forgot about this and of course I don't have much time:( I'm really busy in this year cause I must studing really hard ,because I have 16 years old and in April I have got exam which finiish my secondary school. However
now we talking about film ... polish film :)
What do you think about polish film , they're similar to english ? You know who is Cezary Pazura - this is an actor - polish actor and for few monts he is film director too . He created film "Weekend" . Have you seen that?What do you think about it?I don't see that but I want to watch it , in next week I probably go to cinema with friends in this.You think it is good film??Tell me something about it .
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