New big logo at my site:)
2010-08-21 @ 22:33:04
So , now we talk about this logo:) Why I have in big logo Dr.House'a with him team ?Answer is very simple:) Because I very like him(and him team too) What I like in him the most? I don't know ,but I think it will be him character:) His character isn't simple.. He looks like don't like people and he don't care about future people.But we(him fan ,actually series which he play)know that's only externals!In him team I most like Cameron,because she 've got wreally complicated life.

So,and you like Dr. House?
And I 've got second question,but only for girl(but if men wreally wonna aswer:) ) Do you like House ..but I mean Does he is attractive?:D

Thanks for reading me^^ , and ofcourse sorry for my language:)) ^^

I love him. For him character, intelligence. Usually he is rude but rarely he behavies like good, honest person.
AND I think he IS attractive. I don't know why. He has something in himself (coś w sobie ma).
Perhaps because he is like a rebel?
I've watched only some episodes but that's right: House is really great! He don't look like my dream man, but character... nice ;)
I answer: "hello"! :) Welcome here ;)
I watched him only few times, but I like'd him :)
And he looks like my english teacher.. ;P
Hmm.. Ann I feel can like your teacher :D Could you give me bearing on him ?:D I just only kidding :P


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