Talk about one of the best star and rapper in music history!
2010-08-20 @ 21:42:41
So ,that's my second post :)

And this time I write about one of the best star and rapper in music hostory!I wreally like Eminem and I'm him wreally big fan! In my opinion (ofcourse )Eminem is the best!:)Let's talk about him when he was a child and about him creativeness. Him life wasn't perfect.He and him mother don't 've got wreally great relation.In all his life ,he love most only one person - him onkel Ronnie.When he(Ronnie) die(he die probably because him girfriend break up with him)Eminem lose yourself , he was wreally quiet person, but he still love rap and he wan't do something with him talent.In 1999 Eminem record his first album "My name is".White rapper-it was wreally big sensation in all world!And he record album all the time , last at 2010 year:) In him young creativeness I love song "Stan" (and another songs too :) ) because it is wreally sad and instruct song! In new album Eminem'a I love song "Not afraid " and "Love the way you lie" feat Riri(Rihanna)! And You like Eminem? What song (in your opinion) is the best??

Ps. I wreally sorry from my very bad language , but this was very difficult for me (write about star which I wreally like)

Thanks for reading me!Bye ^^

I just listen "Love the way you lie". very good song. My favourite song (not Eminem's) is "I don't love you" My Chemical Romance. I loove singing it. It isn't nice to ears because I can't sing :)
Dear Bruxa ,I listen your favorite song..and I wreally like it:) That's wreally grear song:) Don't worry I can't sing too ,but I love it :D If someone don't like my singing...he 've got problem not me :D

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