People are changing , the all world is changing...
2013-01-22 @ 17:14:44
You know that moment when you are sitting at your sofa and thinking about everything ?This is my moment to think. I notice that everything has been changed...This world come down ..I mean teenagers are going to be worst , they like to all night partys , of cours with a lot of alcohol or weed to get high . But they didnt understand that they ruine themselves lives ...if they partys a lot they 've got worst marks on the school , if the get drunk harder than them fathers ...they can loose themselves , they can loose them mind ...Of course weed ,how many people thinks, is better than alcohol because we can not be agressive after used it. Maybe not , but it have got a bad site too , I mean you going for example to kitchen and you have no idea why you come think it is normal?No it isn't at all,it is because of that.I dont know sometimes I cant understand this all world and all people ...But I schould to focust on myself ..I mean how it is possible that for normal ,kind girl without any of additions I become on... me...

Very nice blog ;)
Yeah , thanks but I dont think so that you read it ;) Anyway thanks;)

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