Hello , Hello , Hello :) Let's talk about polish film :)
2011-01-29 @ 21:26:59
Hi ,
I know I visit this website many moons ago :P but I am back :) Honestly I was forgot about this and of course I don't have much time:( I'm really busy in this year cause I must studing really hard ,because I have 16 years old and in April I have got exam which finiish my secondary school. However
now we talking about film ... polish film :)
What do you think about polish film , they're similar to english ? You know who is Cezary Pazura - this is an actor - polish actor and for few monts he is film director too . He created film "Weekend" . Have you seen that?What do you think about it?I don't see that but I want to watch it , in next week I probably go to cinema with friends in this.You think it is good film??Tell me something about it .

Polish movies are absolutely different than american movies. We (we polish people) have a really complicated historical experiences and polish movies are mainly about them. I don't know anyone who can watch polish movie to the end and he isn't Pole.
Nevertheless polish comedy movies are funny enough. I recommends "Killer" made by Juliusz Machulski. The Weekend promised to be ineteresting too :)
Right polish movies... Are there any serious polish movies excepting love comedies ? Love comedies are like 95% of all that are made in our country. The worst thing is it works because women mostly like that kind of films. Maybe if producers had more money to make some more expensive ones it would be better. With more action, explosions, generaly more things going on. The last super production was Quo Vadis ? It was few years ago.

About that movie " weekend " heard of it might be fun. I'll watch it soon.
Polish films are even quite similar to these English ones I think, of coures they have much lower budgets and are generally less "spectacular" lets say. I mean "English", becouse they are absulutely different films that Americans, there are two worlds, but I'm not saying which one is better an which worse.
However, I'm not gonna see pazura director's debut, and I heard that this is a crap, just pathetic copy of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie work, also in the Film megazine film get note 1/6, it can't be worse :) but, on the other hand my sister and her husband was satisfied after seeing that, so this is apparently a question of taste :)
hi guys, it's me again :)
hey, c'mon, there are really many excellent Polish films, especially older ones (I know, that there isn't currently fasionable currently to watch old movies, but I cuold reccomend at least 20-30 tittles definitely worth consuming).
Besides money it isn't all, I think that the most important thing, which makes film goo, is a screenpley! further are actors and director job, who watch over it all.
By the way Quo Vadis was released ages ago, from this time there were a dozen very good Polish films, however Quo Vadis wasn't very good anyway :)
I am really glad because you describe to me , honestly I was think that no one reply to my post :) Mostly I have similar approach than your about polish film :)I don't like this kind films ..they've got very similar story.

Well, I don't like polish films which're made today - always pathetic comedies. I know that we have got many young creative directors but to be honest I don't know their films, because they're nor in TV niether in cinemas. Now in Tv we've got just polish series which're going to be like "Bold and beautiful" soon ;) And I have to watch the films done abroad. Well, I love musicals on TCM, old musicals made in 50s or 60s which are brillant! "Tea for two", "American in Paris", "Hair"... (ok, Hair was made in 1979)

And "Killer" is great, I completely agree ;)

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