2013-08-03 @ 07:41:47
Good morning!
Today I'm going to the Cracow. I'm really happy because this my first travel withouth my parents ;d I'm in the bus now. I'm going to PKP stacion, where I'm going to meet my friends! I can't wait!
Have a happy day!Oxox ;*
Greek Frappe from Nescafe ;P
2013-08-02 @ 17:17:32
Hello everyone!
Today is very hot! Well... Maybye I'm going to do something. Few minutes ago I did greek frappe! ahh... It is delicious! You must try it!
If you want to know how to do this, read my post in my polish blog
I think that you know well Polish and you won't have any problems with read this.

Bon appetit! oxox ;*
2013-07-07 @ 23:33:38
Hi! Wow! My last post was in Feb! I'm shocked! Sorry for that!
Well... My last months were OK. I finished my first class in new school and I must to say that this year was awesome! I hope that next year will be better than 2012/13.
Now I have a holiday. I'm bored! I sit all day front of my computer or I read good book and I do nothing ;) Happy holidays!! :)
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