My show
2013-01-31 @ 21:00:45
Yesterday I was my first performance in front of my class. I sang my song "Que hago yo" by Ha-Ash. Before my show I sang with my music teacher - he taugh me how to sing and I going to him in choir. I guess my performance was nice because all my class was impressed. I was shocked!
I should learn :<
2013-01-29 @ 21:53:39
Today was normally... And I started talk with new girl in my class. She is really cool. I don't know her but she look like nice.
Well... I should start my geographic because I'll have tomorrow test.
I'm bored. But I have to start to learn.
Who have some motivation?

Well...> mayby I should dye my hair? ;P Tell me ;D
Party party party ;D
2013-01-27 @ 18:19:54
Hey ;)
I was tired yesterday and I didn't write post about my friday's party ;)
Well... When I was there, the people stood in front of the building. I was waiting 40 minutes outside! Okey... we entered to party. The people wasn't a lot. The floor was empty. My friends didn't want dancing but I wanted! ;D So.. after a while the girls started dancing and we started meeting new people.
This party was great!
I came back at home at 5 a.m.
This event was very successful!
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