Tonight Party
2012-10-31 @ 18:48:27
The end of the school! (only 4 days but I'm happy)

Tonight is Halloween Party ;P I'm just thinking what I must put on. At 7.00 pm will come friend my sister because we want do make up, listening music and prepare for disco ;)

I can't wait ;P

CU ;)
Halloween Party!
2012-10-29 @ 19:21:38
Hello ;)

2 days for the end of school ;P I'm happy.. I don't know why... maybe because I will have a lot of time and I'm going to party ;P Hm... But what should I wear? This is Halloween Party.. I don't celebrate this day, but in party isn't nothing wrong.
If you have any proposals, what should I wear write in comments ;)

CU ;)
Snow is falling...
2012-10-28 @ 18:11:52
Yesterday I watched scary film. If you like terrible films.. You must watch this movie (name of the movie in the post at the bottom) Today is cold day... I just come back from a walk with my friend. We were to the shopping because her mom will have birthday tomorrow.

Now I'm going to learn and listen music.

CU :)
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