2012-11-08 @ 21:04:51
Hi ;)

Today I have weekend already ;P Tomorrow I will be sing in a Youth Club. I'm really stressed because this is my first show in this Club since New school year. I don't know my songs yet!!! That's crazy... When I was younger I learned songs at least 2 weeks before ;P But now?? I learned day by day.
But I'm doing pause with learning. I'm going to watch TV.

Bye Bye ;)
The end of event!
2012-11-01 @ 20:46:23
Today I came back at 3:30 a.m from Halloween party. Was great! I met a lot of new people and very nice I spent time... Next I went to cementery. Few minutes ago I came back.

I don't know why but all day I thought about boy, who I met yesterday...

Hmm... In this week everything will be clear...! ;)
[...] I hope so ;P

Good night :)
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