Hi ;)
2012-09-30 @ 16:53:15
How do you spent Saturday? :> I'm learning now... In this week I will have exam polish, EDB and spanish... And you? Have you any tests in this week? In my opinion in school we shouldn't have tests or exams because we are afraid and we have a lot of stress ;P You also think so? Whatever... We should relax in weekend ;)
2012-09-24 @ 17:08:35
Hello ;) People in my class are great!!! :) We are one big family ;) We have cool English teacher and she teaches us how speak english. I'm very happy because, I finally will be speak English ;)
CU ;)
It's Weekend!! ;)
2012-09-16 @ 10:50:50
Hello ;) How do you spend weekend? I was with my family Yesterday. and was great... but Tomorrow We must go to school ;< Are you have any exams in this week? I have with Spanish language and Biology and maybe Geography. So.. I have a lot of study.
But I'm not learning now.. I'm listening music...

In study there will be time ;)

A Good weekend ! ;)
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