My life now and two weeks ago...
2013-02-24 @ 18:56:41
Hello everybody.
I wasn't here a long time but I come back! ;)
In last two weeks I had a winter holidays. 10.02 I had another party in club. This event was the last because club is closed. The party was great! I came back to home at 4 a.m and I slept to 13 :D.
So... Today I came back from skiing. Why didn't I went to ice skating? Maybe because I didn't have time enough (I have a little time? two weeks is too little? Yes!)
My life was sometimes really boring and sometimes very interesting. Boys, party, Valentine's Day - that all was very strange. My friend, who is boy - doesn't like me anymore ;< Boy, whose I like very much - doesn't writes to me and I don't know why ;< My ex boyfriend wanted came back to me but I don't want to. My life is a little complicated but I can see what will be next...MAYBE WILL BE A LITTLE PROBLEMS WITH MY CLASS, MY SCHOOL AND MY "FRIENDS"..(?).. Who know ...
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