2013-04-27 @ 14:45:50
I very fear of myself and my life.My boyfriend told me that he wants to leave to Norway when He completed school.And Now I feel sadness.Because I can't find out how is my reason for my life.I feel pathetically.I need find things which will be for me aim.Okey I will be cleaning up. bye pathetic girl
:D about anything
2013-04-24 @ 16:42:16
I'll ride a bike with iga.:) Oh I must keepa fit because I feel bad about myself:) Ofcourse I always something to do but my body isn't perfekt to me:) I wish good to my friend Kasia because She will be write exam:D
2013-04-18 @ 17:09:31
i hate women who want show how they keep discipline and they want show power over someone.I want learn english when exactly my teacher's English didn't let me that.She upset to my class and she pull out me my quiz that's mean test.Oh my god I hate her.She haven't sense of humor and Ohh I must writing something here because I'm very nervous.!Okey I must
2013-04-16 @ 15:23:09
hello ladies:d I know I didn't write something but I haven't much time :d Hm.. In last week I find out what mean immature faith and Don't pis* me off.I know that word it isn't nice word :d Last when I wrote it was wrong weather and was snow. But today is really spring with sun and warm tempature!:D Oh and to end of the school years left 5 week!I very happy for the reason !Now I'll go to meet my friend edyta.I think she improve me mood while I haven't bad mood.Hmm I wonder in grammar english I can write I haven't bad mood maybe I should write I haven't mood.Ohh Probably I use to mistake but beginnings're so very difficult.;** okey bye bye I sould be more writing ;d;**
2013-04-04 @ 19:31:58
Oh lord:d I hate mathematisc :d
2013-03-30 @ 16:21:35
Hello everyone :* I haven't written because I was very busy.:)I have cleaned everything in my house:d and and and...I baked a cake in the morning.I hope that the cake will be delicious.I can say that I love Easter.That so funny At Christmas time there wasn't snow but in spring at Easter drifts 're large!I'm embarrassed because I didn't train at this week.I feel very fat :) I know it sounds funny.But I think it's a good because when I'll be embarrassed and Finally I get my ass.:)16:16 and someone thinks of me.Okej I'm going watching my fridge.haha I want to say something my nephew learned to sign in. I'm so proud of him :* All the best everyone:**
My head!
2013-03-26 @ 14:25:56
Oh my god I've headache.:)I didn't write because I haven't much time:dNow,I'll you leave here this song:** I hope I'll write something for some time:**
song for today
2013-03-24 @ 12:18:33
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