2013-03-30 @ 16:21:35
Hello everyone :* I haven't written because I was very busy.:)I have cleaned everything in my house:d and and and...I baked a cake in the morning.I hope that the cake will be delicious.I can say that I love Easter.That so funny At Christmas time there wasn't snow but in spring at Easter drifts 're large!I'm embarrassed because I didn't train at this week.I feel very fat :) I know it sounds funny.But I think it's a good because when I'll be embarrassed and Finally I get my ass.:)16:16 and someone thinks of me.Okej I'm going watching my fridge.haha I want to say something my nephew learned to sign in. I'm so proud of him :* All the best everyone:**
My head!
2013-03-26 @ 14:25:56
Oh my god I've headache.:)I didn't write because I haven't much time:dNow,I'll you leave here this song:** I hope I'll write something for some time:**
song for today
2013-03-24 @ 12:18:33
hi , hi , hello :)
2013-03-24 @ 12:17:17
It's very cold.Yesterday I'm bored all day.But I though I can't to be nervous.And I met my friend Kasia.I allowed myself to do nothing for all day.I wore my jumper and glasses and I went to Kasia without make-up.This day was groove.Today is sunday and I don't know what will happen. I'm hopeful.I know I'm writing little.I wish you good day.Wish me luck in school at history.:)
okey see you soon bad people :d
PS.Piotr Żyła mades my day!
this day
2013-03-22 @ 15:52:16
Snowing all time :)I go to MDK with Iga. I hope my humor will be better.I don't like be in house.I lost my day.This is so sad from this point of view.Okey bye bye.greeting for people who are sad as I am
2013-03-22 @ 10:53:39
O my god I wrote note when I have clicked delete.
Now,I don't want writing anything.Just I say :Yesterday was first spring day but today don't stop snowing!I think all around me is so beautiful.I think my boyfriend's the best.I know , I know I sweetening but when We lied together in my room He was fall asleep when We listened music.I love him despite the fact annoys me so much ,and despite I want hit him.This song is great and that pic is for girl who like nice thing.
2013-03-21 @ 23:11:45
Today is 21 March or the day ,first spring day and Truant’s Day.In the morning I was at the time.Despite the serious conversation and my irritability I thought "that day must be great".Before I had performance and I helped some girl.My performance was funny but inept. My child Rafał hid behind the curtain.I felt very bad.But that's nothing My child escaped me and I had talk with him but He was very angry and maybe cried.When I had calm him everyone with academy waited for me and he.I can't describe that in english but I know one thing:I never been soembarrassed as today.But Conversation with my boy Adi was very important to me.So I can fall asleep.My first spring day was difficult.
PS.I thought problems in my life create me hard person.Just asking why that way is so difficult.I can do it.I feel that in my bone
Title title title whatever
2013-03-20 @ 15:47:55 Hello dear :)When I'm begin writing somethnig I'm having million ideas but when I'm must that replace is so funny because that become one word.I'm very irate.All nervous around me at the moment.Maybe I'm mad at myself or to my family boyfriend.I don't know what I want say.Sorry for me.I recommend hears that sing.Anyway I thought I will be proud when I see my progress.Okey that post does not have a sense of.
PS. I love
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