comes love nothing can't be done
2007-08-11 @ 19:40:06
"You asked which colour would I choose for my room? what about the colour for my blog? "

So the story began three months ago. That was when I met my Mr. Important. In a party. The stars fell down from the sky when He smiled at me. And though He lived 3000 miles away I never stoped thinking about Him. And though He had wife and kids I never stoped thinking of Him. And He was here,there and everywhere I went since then. Hours of talking on the phone, emails longer than books, sms sweeter than honey. My Important came 3000 miles to see me. To spend 3 days in paradise (my arms). That was when I tasted the paradise also. When I tasted French loving for the first time. And when I tasted love for the first time...
And I never thought it would taste so bitter..Having Him but not having Him for real but in the same time having Him more than anyone. Having Him in my life but not being in His or being in His but not having Him in mine. Hearing my heart telling things but trying not to listen. Talking with Important on the phone but trying not to say too much.
Have You ever been in love? Have You ever been in love with someone You shouldn't be? Have You ever loved someone You have no future with? Have You ever loved someone knowing that every night He is embracing other woman than You? Have You loved someone without wanting to see Him every day?
That is what's like being with married guy. Hard. Difficult. Tough.

And so what should I do???

"Comes a headache, you can lose it in a day
Comes a toothache, see your dentist right away
Comes love, nothing can be done"
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