2013-12-10 @ 14:53:06
Bajlaandooo is a very good sculptor. In his jacket was a nail file, which he produced masterpiece.
I like English
2013-12-10 @ 14:48:31
Again, I started to like English because my teacher from english is cool. : P: P: P: P: P: P: P: P: P: P: P
2013-12-10 @ 14:46:22
In returning from school along with bajlaandooo and michau2000 had a ice. Bajlaandooo my name carved in ice.
2013-12-10 @ 14:43:22
I just now got back from school.
2013-12-05 @ 19:53:58
I just worked out lessons. I am very happy because tomorrow is Friday. I'm very happy.
2013-12-04 @ 21:46:47
I'm going to sleep.
2013-12-04 @ 21:44:02
Today was cool. I was at the hairdresser today. Now play the game and watch the cool video.
2013-12-02 @ 19:43:14
I watch TV. Flies cool program. "Świat według Kiepskich". Spaced out series :P.
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