How can I add a photo?
2009-04-11 @ 16:30:09
Help me because I set this blog up this morning and I don't know how to add some pictures ;D
About Easter in my family ;)
2009-04-11 @ 11:45:39
How do you spend your Easter?
At home or at relatives?
I often spend my Easter at home. Week before Easter I have a lot of work but it's worth this athmosphere in Easter time ;D I meet my family from far. I see them only in Easter ;(
And what about tradition? I was consecrate a basket. But on Monday traditionaly I take part in washing other people. It's very funny. And what do you think about it?
Prepare to final exam in two years ;D
2009-04-11 @ 11:19:50
I would like to take English on final exam in two years
If you want to start learning but you don't have nobody to help you please write to me on I will be grateful because I dislike learning alone ;D it's very boring.
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