Hi There!;]
2007-12-14 @ 21:22:52
It's been an increadible day for me. First I had a bdb from Polish, next db from Physics. It was crazy. I watched Mickey Mouse Christmas Carol based on Dickens's book. It was fine, but too lovely and short.In our Christmas spectacle I play Scrooge, but in real life I'm not so mean miser like him. I was in Callan. Ryan told us, that in America , they have Red mountain dew, Vanilla pepsi and many more things. But everyone agrees that polish sausage rule$ ...
I know It's stupid , but real..You shoul really visit America, It's increadible, what people with money can imagine.. Wonderful and Terryfing.
See U..

achmed is a terryfing terrorist. Oooooh xD it;s so sweet ? but where the hell are you ? holy crap !
fuck you, mój się nie wgrał! xP to jeszcze raz napiszę, że jestem zachwycona vanilla pepsi! ;) pewno fajne puszki mają! muahahaha xDDD yeeeeah, terryfing...
I don't like your blog bacause this blog is two pink
choco. xP
Ha. Gdzie tu rózowy panuje ? to jest śliczny fiolet. xD
nie chce mi sie myślec po angielsku. już amm 2 nju notki xP
Have you forgotten about your blog ?

yeah i think so. ;*

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