i miss you.
2008-05-01 @ 22:04:13
I can't forget about you.
i can't forget about us.

i loved you. but, am i love you now ?
i don't know. i don't know anything now.

I miss you.
I need you.

I hope you know, that i do.
I hope you know, that i loved you.
I hope that you did too.

"would you even turn to say:
"I'm heartbroken without your love."
maybe we'll meet each other one day, so what you will do ?
Hello little boys, little toys !
2008-03-27 @ 14:22:07
God, I love song Shiny toy guns- le disko.
It's greaaat xD
I've got English lessons today.
I'm not very happy. and I'm so nervous today. -_-
Second day at school. So boring. I'm so bored, and I can't wait vacations. !
^^ I've got German 2moro. xD
Hallo, ich bin karola ! ;d
I like German. xD I like English xD I like You xD
I'm free.

I'm like a bird, i'll only fly away,
I don't know where my soul is,
I don't know where my home is.
the last mistake before you die.
2008-03-25 @ 13:41:20
forget about this blog. again.
"Don't ask me why I'm crying..."
ehym. I'm not crying, but I cried, few weeks ago.
It's okay now, i think ;)
I'm looking for new love ^^ ;D
Oh, God... ;d
I'm happier than few months ago.

Playlist: :D
Akurat-Bajka o księżycu
X-tina- Save me from myself
X-tina- Candyman
My Chemical Romance- I don't love you
MCR- VAmpires'll never hurt you.
MCR-Disenchated (?) *something like this xD*
Nirvana-Smells like teen spirit
MCR-I'm not okay.

And more. much more. XD

*GOD ! it's snowy :(*
Who wants to sleep in the city that never wakes up ?
2008-02-29 @ 21:34:59
It's special day again. xD last day of Febuary, which is in our calendar, 1 time for 4 years. xD
And... it was great day ^^

Oh God I love punk. LOVE LOVE LOVE ! xD it's kind of music which makes me happy, crazy etc. ;D
i luuuv it. but when i'm sad i always listen Linkin Park <33 the best band for all over the world :D I love them, their music and all this stuff ;d

I need a party ! :D party party paaarty ! ;D
But party is comeing, and Mart'll organise party soon xD
luv ya all and this fuckin' blog. ;d

*the best rockin' fuckin' radio* <3 ;P
city by night <3
2008-02-25 @ 14:39:05
I love looking at city by night. It's lovely view ! Then I'm always thinking about my life, my city... about everything.
yesterday at 10 pm I was looking at moon, stars, and a lot of lights ^^
God I love this city, and i hate it ^^
why ? I don't know.
but now i want forget about all my problems, and runaway.
i think that somebody know why... ;)
luv ya ;*
c u ;*
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