2015-01-04 @ 12:29:02
my sister gave birth to a lovely son is antos name is so small and so sweet .kocham such small children
2015-01-04 @ 12:28:09
i'm cooking spagetii .going to my sister house
shopping :P
2015-01-04 @ 12:27:12
today it's veryy happy day :P. I going to the shopping center
2015-01-04 @ 12:26:09
sorry that big time i wasn't righting blog.Try this supplement
2014-12-18 @ 19:13:42
tomoroow i'm fly to the irleand :P .So sorry but I do not type the blog tomorrow because, as in the plane ... so already at the beginning of tomorrow's welcome irleand
2014-12-16 @ 16:20:41
I like yt and twwiter and fb yolo hahaha
2014-12-16 @ 16:16:23
i'm writing homework :(. my day it's very lazy
2014-12-15 @ 20:08:31
i'm not writing blog post sorry :(
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