Beautifull Thrusday!!
2012-10-31 @ 08:50:00
Hello everyone. Today we have beautiful weather after five days of rainning. I think that the weather have big influce on my fettle. For example today i feel very good and i have big motivation to work. Now i have to write me master's thesis so wish me good luck :)
2012-10-29 @ 14:25:57
Hello, another winter day, it is time to find our jackets :p It hard time for peopole whom like sports, for example jogging or fotball. Today i was running and was really cold but now i am happy that i made this training.
In my last post someone slash me for my english. Never mind. Me english isnt good but if this site can help me to learn why i no try? Thanks for this opinion now i am really motivite to study hard!
First blog post.
2012-10-23 @ 09:13:43
Like in title it is my first blog post. I am writting here beacause i want to improve my english skills. Do you know good method to learn english, if yes, please comment below.
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