Funny films!
2012-12-24 @ 12:39:02

2012-12-23 @ 10:53:14
I've been thinking about beautiful places in the world. As soon as I remember i've wanted to go around the world to get to know about the other culture. My first dream was India. Then was China. And now my the biggest dream is Iceland! See how beautiful is there !

If you will have a time please see this pictures and one very short film (4 minutes). This is so amazing :) Have a nice day!
2012-12-23 @ 10:24:54
Hello! :) Tommorow is Christmas Eve. I'm not happy about that because I thought i'll spend this time with my dad in Poznań and the rest of my family...
Here I have only my mum and my stepbrother. Everything is planned. Christmas Eve will be at Robert's house. Robert is my stepfather, but I hate him.
Today, my mother told me that probably Leon (my brother) is ill, so they won't come. It means that i will be alone with this foreign family. I'm not happy. This Christmas will be awful.
I'm waiting for New Year's Eve with my friends...
Winter with us!
2012-12-06 @ 19:31:20
I am sorry that i haven't added posts, but i had a lot of homeworks... How are you? :)

In Gdańsk there is a snow! and really cold... It's a little strange, but i like when is cold. I don't like summer. I hate when is hot and i would like to just sit and do nothing for the rest of a day...

Today I may to wake up at 5 a.m. That's Horrible joke that i haven't got any later bus from my small vilage. And what time you get up? Waiting for answers...
First day of school
2012-09-03 @ 18:50:33
Yeah! This is the last, lazy time! How do you feeling after the holiday? I'm fine and very rested. I've met a lot of new people, i was in a difrent places. For example in France (there was a Paris too), with my grandma and i was near a pretty lake.. At this year i'm going to write a secondary exam (i don't know how to name it:)) and i'm very strassed about choosing high school. Do you know a good school in Gdansk? Give me sign if you know :)

Maybe you want to hear what i was doing before I moved to Gdańsk... So I was born in Poznań. I've gone there for six year to school. But when i was 10 or 11, my mother and father divorced. My mother met a guy, whose lived in Gdańsk. They fall in love and now they are married. So when I finished education in primary school, they bought a house in Gdańsk. That's is the all story. :)
How i felt when we moved from Poznan? Terible. In Poznań i have the all family. My two brother - Maciek and Tymek, my father and his wife, grandma (I have to admit that it is a heavy character :)) and my uncles. Aghh... I won't bore you... Have a nice time, and good first marks in school. Bye! :D
2012-09-03 @ 18:06:01
At first i want to present my self. :) My name's Magda, I'm from Gdansk. I created this blog to tell about this city, atractions and everything what is in my mind interersting.
As you can also see, I doing a lot of mistakes... do you know what I thing? I don't care about it! :) Everyone doing a mistakes, it's nothing new.
But if you seen a mistake (it doesn't matter how big) please tell me. I want to be perefect.
If you will have a time, look on my blog from time to time... I wanna have a viewers, whose will tell me about my mistakes and will ineresting with my posts:)
I hope, you'll enjoy it! see you soon!
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