Death is everywhere
2006-12-12 @ 21:48:34
When death shall close our eyelids... What will we have seen?

My old friend's mother died, my old friend's brother died..
Everybody around me dies.
First funeral, second funeral... what will happen next?

Death is invisible. Suddenly she attacks, kills.. So we can't kill her before.
2006-12-12 @ 19:51:04
I am listening Carla Bruni.. she creates very romantic kind of music... So I'm thinking about Love...

In our world...
In our fragile world...
Number of people with broken heart has been rising!

How many people...
How many hearts...
Must be broken to find a second part of own heart?

I don't know, but You must remember - no look, no search, no wait. Maybe in some day You will be rising from bed and You will have seen lying ladybirds around You. It will be love.
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