Where is winter?
2006-12-21 @ 19:19:28
Where is winter? Where is snow? Today is 21 december and Christmas are near. Buuuu.... We have only few days to Christmas and I don’t see any snow flake anywhere.... Christmas without snow don’t have any climat and atmosphere.... This is unimaginable for me. Maybe this is a warm-up’s guilt?
Time before Christmas....
2006-12-16 @ 20:50:53
Today was a Clean Day – housework before Christmas. We do a big cleaning twice a year. My mother celaned windows, my brother shaked carpets, I washed glass (glass to beer). My father will be polish a floor in next week. I will be do a cakes with my mother in next week...

I love a Christmas very much and I can't wait for Christmas every year. I jadore decorating a Christmas tree. I like spending time with my familly. I, my brother and my parents go to my Grandmother’s house on a Eve every year. I like giving and geting gifts :) anyway, who don’t like this?
Next death in my live.
2006-12-13 @ 20:00:02
I am siting here uneasy and I thinking about Her. About Her poker-face, about her heart as hard as stone. Why did she agree to take him with yourself? Why did She give him a hand?

Next death in my live. I can’t belive in this and I don’t understand this.... This boy was so young... So young to death. He was younger than me about 2 years. He had only 18 years, and he had still all life.

Today was sad day. I have been thinking about death since yesterday. These all are incomprehensible for me. I don’t understand, why people choose this stupid way.

How much determination people must have for this move? Why do they give up? Why did they do this step? One step too much....
Rainy day. ...
2006-12-12 @ 20:53:48
It has been raining since morning... Weather was ugly and very frustrating. Sleet was absolutely everywhere. My jacket, trousers and bag were wet. When I arrived to my University I bought hot chocolate with milk, which warmed my stomach and all body :). I like rainy day only when I am in my house... When I am listening my favourite music and when I am drinking hot cinamon tea with citron
Hello everyone :)
2006-12-11 @ 15:17:11
Hi! This is my first english blog :) My best friend Martin showed me this place and here I am. I have hope, that you will forgive me my mistakes, because my english is still very bad, but I learn more and more... Maybe some day I will be good in this language....

My name is Kate. I am 20 years old. I study journalism in Katowice. I like reggae, jazz and rock music. I love Tim Butron's movies for example: Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I adore movies with Johnny Depp. I will write more about me in next note :)

Have a good day. Bye now!
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