Farewell #23
2013-12-15 @ 21:00:33
Hi. This is my last post on this blog. Maybe you ever write something, but I do not promise. Bye
Homework #22
2013-12-14 @ 22:16:31
Hello again. Tasks finished three hours ago, but now I sat down to the computer. I made a Christmas card for the German. Finishing and go to sleep, I'm very tired. Bye
Physics #21
2013-12-14 @ 15:50:17
Hi. Homework fifty tasks of physics, time to start.
Weekend #20
2013-12-13 @ 21:02:55
Hi. Finally, the long awaited weekend. I am for this reason very happy. You can get some rest. And now I am telling everyone a good night.
Fun #19
2013-12-12 @ 19:34:45
Hi. It's me again. I play with my younger sister in board games. I finish, Bye
School #18
2013-12-12 @ 07:46:54
Hi. How are you? I have to go to school. I'll write there anything else later.
Science #17
2013-12-11 @ 19:30:18
Hi. I just got back from the Pionki. I need to do homework and learn to English because we have a test. Bye
Boredom #16
2013-12-10 @ 19:07:59
Hi. With me, boredom and boredom again. Today I did not do anything interesting. He was very boring. It's probably all in this post. Bye
Getting closer christmas #15
2013-12-09 @ 21:08:33
Hi. Already 16 days for Christmas. I can not wait. This is one of my favorite saint. I just finished doing a newspaper to the class about Christmas. And now, Goodnight
Santa Claus #14
2013-12-06 @ 18:13:36
Hi. On the occasion of Santas wishes for you:
Holy in the chimney,
Wishes the neck,
Green Christmas tree,
presents four cases!
Origami #13
2013-12-04 @ 17:27:58
Hi there. Today surfing the web I came across a very cool page on which is shown how to make a snowman with a modular origami. Here is the page http://minifilcus.blogspot.com/2012/12/krok-po-kroku-diy-bawan-origami-3d.html. Quickly get down to work. Bye
Oath #12
2013-12-03 @ 18:32:21
Hi. Tomorrow I have a oath first middle school. Apparently they have to be boring. I do my homework. Bye
Sunday #11
2013-12-01 @ 19:45:48
Hello. This Sunday was the same as always. I went to church at 9:00, ate overeating later and started doing homework. Now I'm going to watch TV. Goodbye
TV #10
2013-11-30 @ 20:07:34
Hi. I just started watching "Got Talent". Already I can not wait for the results. I keep my fingers crossed for "Fireflies". Bye
Visit a friend #9
2013-11-29 @ 21:35:06
Hi. Finally free from the school. Today for me was a friend. We made newspaper for the Christmas. We had to write it in English, we will give it our English teacher. Will check that there are no errors. I think it's the end. Bye
Shopping # 8
2013-11-28 @ 20:24:25
Hi. Today, with the parents and sister went to Kozienic for shopping. This is the end of this post. Bye
Disco #7
2013-11-27 @ 21:10:24
Hi. Today at my school was a disco. I came back from school and quickly I had to do homework. About one hour ago I came back from the disco. Bye
Tuesday #6
2013-11-26 @ 18:48:03
Hi. Today is Tuesday. For me, nothing interesting is not happening. I have nothing more to add. Bye
Snow #5
2013-11-25 @ 21:07:11
Hi. In my village the first snow had already fallen. It was not too big, but it's always something. I like the winter, because you can go with friends on a sled. Bye :)
Sunday #4
2013-11-24 @ 21:14:38
Hi. Today I'm doing my homework. There was them very much. I made a Christmas card which I will give for the contest. And just like that has elapsed my whole day. Bye
Cleaning #3
2013-11-23 @ 20:18:21
Hi. Today I decided to clean my room. In my opinion it is very tiring. My sister likes clean up. A little helped me. Today I started to read a book entitled: "Tale Christmas Eve". It's pretty cool. I have to Finish. Bye
Boredom #2
2013-11-22 @ 16:55:25
Hello again. The average school day. For me boredom. I have nothing more to add. I hope that tomorrow will be interesting. Goodbye!
I'm new. #1
2013-11-21 @ 16:03:41
My name is Dawid. This is my first post on this blog. Posts will be added regularly. I will describe them their experiences of the day.
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