2014-12-01 @ 17:26:22
Hey! Today was a great day. I got six of the Polish test. I was shopping and I bought a lovely dress. I love shopping. As for me, it should be a sport. Then there is a sport basketball come. Parents me pissed off. Dress warmer,, ",, as hard at the ubrałaś", ,, do lunch "nightmare. I'm still dziecikiem and I have to learn, and how they will do anything they told me that I forget about the science and then will,, correct assessment". Life sucks sometimes.
See you soon!
sorry :(
2014-11-30 @ 17:54:41
Sorry I have not written anything for a while, but I had a problem with the internet. It's all ok and back. It was such a nice day today I was on a trip with my boyfriend. It was great. Today I was also his first kiss. It was a magical moment as if I was flying and was in heaven. I just read the lessons and reading of the massacre. I can not wait for Thanksgiving because my boyfriend came up with something for me a little scared.
See you soon my dear!
2014-11-17 @ 20:28:11
Today was a normal day. Well, maybe except for a small incident or accident at school. My classmate fell down the stairs and now is in the hospital. Now I'm studying for tomorrow's test of Chemistry. How I hate Chemistry. Today I was on a pizza with my boyfriend was great. After pizza we went for a romantic stroll. It was so sweet. On Thursday, I have a disco. Okay that's it for today. I hope my friend comes to health.

See you soon!
2014-11-16 @ 18:24:54
Hi there! I'm Magda. I am 15 years old. Today I start my blog. Let me tell you that I'm excited about it. I hope that it will be great fun.
Today at 9 I was in church. After church I went with my best friend to the store and there met the seller '. Well, but to the point.
Today, with my best friend, her boyfriend and my boyfriend watched annabelle.Well that's it for today. I hasten to at this point to the restaurant.

See you soon!
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