As for Learn
2010-01-27 @ 14:55:58
It is difficult to say I like learning
I hate it
From time I met him
I must forget
I like dancing but i am sitting at home alone
I am waiting for the summer
]\I am waiting for Juli when My final exam will be finished
I hope I pass it very well
As for the weather
2010-01-27 @ 14:51:22
It is difficult to say Beautiful weather
I have only 3 months to learn English
Because I pass my Final Exam in Mai
I am not good in speaking so I am worried about this
I must learn
but I fell in lowe with Adam
He is younger and gorgeous
So I cant forget about him I realise that I must Learn because there is no denying that i can be with him
I havent seen him fo r so long I miss him but I cant do anything
It is difficult to forget But I must stopped
So Bad to love him
2010-01-27 @ 14:44:40
My last party it was on this Sunday
was owful
I hate my dancemate
He promised that It wiil be only me byt He lyed
He danced with my schoolmates So I hate him
I payed 150 for this party so he came for free
And i think he is irresponsible
I think that in the future I will be wise
Now I am depressed
I hate BOYS
Maybe he dance very well but I hate Womanizer!
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