"A part of me will always be with You..."
2011-05-28 @ 21:34:48
We meet many people.
But to find somebody who partially understands you, and truly feels what you feel, sometimes seems impossible.
We look for friends, for lovers.
We look for people who owe such power, to turn our life up-side-down.
We want to bump into a person who would make our life more magical, more extraordinary.

And when something like that happens, but somehow we aren't meant to remain together, there is a way of dealing with it:
Appreciate, because, a part of You will always be with this special person you've met. Just because you've mattered, you've appeared in his life.

A part of you may only glitter in a person's life. But appearance, even though so short, could change his life FOREVER. Could change YOUR life forever.
A time for joy. :)
2011-05-23 @ 22:32:38
Do you know what feels extremely good?
Well, I do.
I feel fulfilled. I'm proud of being student. ;)
I've had a test and it made up all of my efforts.

Oral Matura exams:
basic English: 20/20
extended English:20/20
Polish: 20/20

Now I can start my holiday! It's time for me to relax, to make some of my dreams come true, to make the most of every moment, because I just deserve it. :)

Take care. :)
Before an important exam...
2011-05-19 @ 18:55:39
I really need to convey some of my negative emotions here by writing a blog post. You see, tomorrow I'm taking an extended oral English exam and the fact that it is so soon, scares me to death. And yes, I am exaggerating. But if you were me and you knew that you need to make the most of yourself, you would be as nervous as I am right now. If you were going to study English philology and you were consciouis that 20 points out of 20 is the only score that makes you feel fulfilled, you would behave in the same way as me.
And now, if you can help me, just cross your fingers tommorow about 12:20-13:30. ;) A mental support is important. Maybe I won't get a hart attack. :)
Take care, and sorry for my post, I promise I will write you everything after tommorow's exam even if I would get less points than I expect to obtain.
To say 'never' or not to say 'never'?
2011-05-16 @ 23:42:13
It's time for a new blog post. I've been thinking about people who say some, really dangerous words such as: never and always.

Why are these words dangerous?
I think that they generalise too much. We cannot say that a person always behaves in a particular way, we cannot say that he/she never does *something*. In such cases it's not very wise to say that. Although we sometimes say these words while we're arguing, we're never justified.

I think that we flounder sometimes. We make decisions. We outline plans. Many times we say that we will never do something again. Our thoughts may be foolish. But as well as that, they can help us to make out of ourselves better people.

So, do you say never?
Cannot erase it or change it.
2011-05-12 @ 13:39:57
Well, every time I want to change my blog post or edit it, an error occurs. 'Error 404'. I've seen many mistakes in my post and I'd like to change them, but I can't. What's wrong with that?
Because I don't believe in faith... Neither do you...?
2011-05-11 @ 21:43:55
There's no faith, no fortune. Maybe sometimes it seems as if it truly existed, but in fact it's just an illusion.

Why do we want to believe in faith?
Perhaps, the main reason for this belief is that we feel safier. Imagine that faith exists. What does it mean? It means that we haven't got time on our hands, because everything has been planned in advanced. No matter what we do, it leads us through the pathways we seem to know somehow, good ways, because if there is faith, there are no wrong choices, right? We're just a part of a plan.

But wouldn't you like to have an influence on your life? Isn't it better to think that if we feel proud, we feel proud of ourselves, not of f a i t h? There's no plan, and we're not pawns. In fact, we are responsible for all the good and the bad things we do. We cannot just say: 'Oh, it was faith, that I've killed a man, so it wasn't my fault, I've been made to do this.'
Let's say that something really made us. We have been given a free will. So let's make the most of every moment.

"Sometimes I believe in faith
but the chances we create
always seem to ring more true..."
Are you in favour of thinking that there's something like faith, fortune?

There are no previous comments, so I've got nothing to end this blog post with.

Take care!
Speaking about MATURA exam.
2011-05-09 @ 23:06:25
I've took Matura exam this year and I must speak up.

I guess people who visit this site, are mostly learners Egnlish who would like to pass English Matura exam or FCE etc. Here I have some tips for You.

Dear learner,
if you want to pass Matura exam, you need to study. It's not enough to go to school and attend classes, you need to do something extra. By this I mean:
-reading, organise your day, take some time, for example 20 minutes a day, for reading English articles, and try doing it regularly. To improve your reading, try this site:http://lingapp.com/
-listening, you can listen to your favourite songs, looking at the lyrics at the same time, if you don't understand something, translate it. You can also try translating a whole song,
-watching english speaking Tv-shows, we all like watching soap operas, tv-shows, films, don't we? While you're watching a film, you have to focus both: on things you're listening to and on things you see. For the beginning, it's a good idea to watch English films with Polish subtitles, then with English subtitles, then without any subtitles. I can recommend you another site: http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/internet/
-speaking, you need to communicate live, try talking with your friend or with foreigners if you have an opportunity to do so, don't be afraid that they won't understand you, try.
-writing, it helps you with expressing your idead, you can long on this site, that is meant for people who want to write each other letters, messages etc: http://www.interpals.net/

Okay, I've tried all of methods I've described. They've never let me down. I've never attended any extra-curricular activities/lessons in English, I've never enrolled any English school like Britania, PROMAR etc. All that I've done, I've done myself. What I'm trying to say is that if you really want to learn a language, you can do it counting only for yourself. Of course, I've had normal lessons at school, which provided one hour a week with Native Speaker, but that's all. My English teacher couldn't manage with the students often.

The most important rule is: never give up!

To prove that my methods have helped me, you can see all the staff I write about. You can trust me, that all the tips I've described will help you only if you accomplish them.

English MATURA exam this year:
was at the appropriate level. Which means Upper Intermediate. When I'll get my results, I let you know. :)

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