2010-02-23 @ 15:05:41
Yesterday, I was in Malta Gallery with my fiends xD. I bought a new Converse sneakers :P. Then We went to Macdonald. Today I didn't go to school, because I had a doctor appointment. Now, I'm going to learn on TI test. I think that will be really difficult :/.
2010-02-16 @ 21:15:59
On Saturday, I was in concert in Arena with my friends^^. It was a rock concert, where played Coma,Hey, Happysad, Muchy, Orchid and CF98. I was there 7 hour. I was very tired, but I have no regrets. I had a great time. xD
2010-02-16 @ 21:04:03
Coma is a Polish rock band which was founded in June 1998 in Łódź.Their first achievement was a single Skaczemy. In the end of 2003 they signed with BMG Poland what allowed them to record their first album Pierwsze wyjście z mroku Before the release of their first longplay album they have gained popularity on supports with Kazik, T.Love. The Band have won a many award. For me,Coma is a one of my favourite bands. xD
2010-02-09 @ 16:41:48
Hey :D,I didn't write on blog for very long time. Yesterday, I had a test from history, which was the most difficult up to now. As well, On Friday I'm going on trip to Warsaw. I was twice times there. I think that will be great. :P More and more I can't wait, when will be warmer...I don't like winter. xD
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