Yo! :P
2009-09-29 @ 22:35:59
I alone in my room. I'm sitting in darkness, and I don't afraid of the dark. I like darkness, because I can think about life, people, whose very important to me. :) People say me, that you must be strong, and I know, that it's true. I can't give in to despair, if something goes wrong. But, it will be all right on the night, I must remember. In this time, I'v got a lot of exams. On friday I'v got a exam of History. Luckily, I like History, and I will be learning with pleasure. J know that, In High School, It will be no picnic. So, I must lern :( Now, Im' very dog tired. And I don't know, what I could write. BYe XD #
2009-09-22 @ 23:06:04
Oh my God! XD I I hate write notes. Unfortunately, I must for IT. Essentially, nothing has changed. I was dog tired after such a hard days in school. I'm sleepy. Now I'm watching a TV. xD Recently, I have discovered a new motto: Dream, as if you'll live forever and live as if you'll live today. It's close to my heart. That's all for today. Bye :P
First note
2009-09-16 @ 09:20:55
Hy! This is my first blog. My name is Zuza. I'm 16 years old. My favourite actor is Marlon Brando. He played in: On the Waterfront ang The Godfather I like listening a rock and alectronic music, especially System of a Down and The Calling. In a leisure time, I'm reading a books, watching TV and I'm going out with my friends. That's all.
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