New Moon
2009-11-17 @ 22:40:29
Today I had a test of phisics. Tomorrow I will have a test of IT. I hope, that it's not will be difficult. I think so. I can't wait because on Friday will be new film in the cinema. It's New Moon, second part of saga Twilight. It's based on the stories Stephanie Meyer. I'm really happy. I'm going to the cinema with my friend. :P
Back note
2009-11-17 @ 22:25:20
Recently, I haven't got a time. I had a lot of learning and problems. I think, that it's ok now. Yestarday, I couldn't to fast asleep. Finally, On Sunday, I watched sensational film „Scoop” with my favourite actress Scarlett Johansson. I laughed until one cries.
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