2010-11-28 @ 19:39:30
We decided that we would go to the cinema. We chose the film wich i wanted to watch so much. It was horror. We bought the popcorn and cola and we sat down to places. the film was started. Everythink was well until I saw how my parthner was shaking with fear. He looked like the small child. Everyone laughted at him. This film wasn't terrible. I felt embarased and I wounted to go home.
Patric didn't say a word to me more. Most probably, he was ashamed of his behaviour. I wasn't bad of him, but I wouldn't know how to talk to him. So we didn't meet more.
song fore you!
2010-11-28 @ 13:36:06
2010-11-28 @ 13:34:12
Tuday is last day of sammer. I'll go to tell you about our worst dates in sammer. I'll start with Lidka's worst date.
Lidka telle me:
Imet with my fellow of my friends. Paula persuaded us to go somewher together. His name wos Patric. He wos handsome enough and he had beautiful, long, blonde hair. I liked him very much.
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