we don't have any toilet in Poland:P
2007-10-15 @ 20:25:37
hi :] i'm so tired and lazy that i haven't written since 2 days. weekend was so short and so fast.
yesterday i was in work. i went to the toilet and i saw something written on the wall behind the toilet. it was awful. someone made black frames around the inscriptions. in two toilets was some poo. one of the inscriptions said: "b a s t a r d s , s h i t e r s , m a k e s h i t i n y o u r c o u n t r y " i don't know who wrote that inscriptions. it was very unpleasant and upset. i work in a warehouse which is quite common and well known all over Europe.
UK is not the 9 cloud :)

hovever there are many nice people who respect you :]

only some people are intolerant


I think this bad things wrote someone stupid man. I know that we shouldnt worry about it but hearing like this makes me really sorry. And you are right some people are so intolerant and so unkind. They sould be shine! Its awful behaviour. I dont understand how people could behave this way. Im very upset and very disgusted. I dont know what to say yet...They should be shine, ya, they should.
bye friend

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