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2015-02-20 @ 12:23:11
Hi everyone:)

I'm begginer in english and I'll make many errors and gaffes in my posts. Sorry:) Later will be better.

This is my blog and I want here learn how to transform my thoughts to sentences.


Hi! :) I learn English too. I would like to ask what are your learning methods? Watching movies and series or course or something else? I must to learn English in a short time and I am looking for the best method ;)
All methods in one. I hear audiobooks when I'm working and if it is possible I'm reading within e-books. Firstly I learned vocabulary but now i should begin to speak.
I have tought two thousand of the most popular english words.

I have to learn english because I want change my present job. That will be easy
Thank you very much for your answer :) I'm in similar situation. I need English in future job. What do you think about grammar? Do you learn grammar only during watching and listening?
I don't learn grammar because it immediately alone come. When I read and hear any sentences i learn also grammar. Sometimes I look into books or on youtube watch movies about english learning. For example "English today"
And you what are you doing if you want to speak this language? You study logistic? Which university when I can ask you?
I'm learning grammar here and I want to go to course. I'm watching movies too but I don't understand much. My friend help me also. Yes I study logistic in Poznan University of Technology. I learned German but I must know English too. A lot of firms expect English and I want to have a praxis on this summer in some of these firm.
Ambitious plans:) And I see that you can speak english very well...
You have this same problem like me. But all will be better:) positive meaning help you succeed.
I was study on Rzeszow Univesity of Technology and now I can see how significant is knowing english to have good job.
This is link to page on youtube with short movie.

Thank you for the link! ;) I hope you realize your plans as soon as possible too.

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