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2010-12-14 @ 22:08:38
Daily life:
1. Never be late for an appointment.
2. In Japan, there is no such custom as "a preference for women. "
3. On the street, avoid excessive mental and visual contact - forget all the clapping and showing straight at someone with your finger (use this if you have to hand).
4. For the Japanese, silence is often more eloquent than words.
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2010-12-14 @ 20:17:36
Congratulations and condolences:
1. Happy events such as weddings, births, go to school are socially promoted and supported.
2. Giving money is normal at such ceremonies as marriage and burial. Money is given for special occasion envelopes.
3. During the funeral ceremony can be a monetary gift called "Koden."
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2010-12-14 @ 20:10:38
1. Is rude to eat or drink something when you walk down the street.
2. Do not insist relentlessly expecting to eat or not eat it voraciously.
3. In Japan, there is no custom of tipping, the norm is also paying the bills in hand, starting from the restaurant, rather than at the waiter.
4. Bullying is taken the rest of the conversions in the store or restaurant.
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