Manners and Label
2010-12-12 @ 19:47:01
The Japanese attach great importance to them, but it is impossible to list them all, so here are some key.
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1. At the first meeting of the Japanese usually bow to the west instead of giving them hands habit, but when I try them odkłonić, exhaust and give a hand to shake.
2. Japanese people in formal situations, usually bow to, or otherwise use the nod of the head. The custom of bowing contains different shades, depending on the situation and relations between people.
3. Business cards are essential in business - they should be administered with both hands facing the correct side of the recipient.
4. Also receives a business card with both hands, you must first see it and read the company name. You should never hide the business card to pants and sit on it.
2010-12-12 @ 19:45:10
The Japanese tend to eat with chopsticks. By covering the table, put on the left - a bowl of rice, and on the right - the soup. Sticks lie parallel to them. The right hand holds a baton, and the left puts a bowl of rice or soup. Just drink the soup straight from the bowl - to the other plates and bowls dating back to chopsticks. Before the meal, say "Itadakimasu" and after a meal, "Gochiso deshita-sama." This is equivalent to our "tasty" and "thank you" :)
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